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A usually hand-held device that measures the velocity of a moving object by sending out a continuous radio wave and measuring the frequency of reflected waves.
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SKLZ Sports Radar
Suggested Retail: $99.99
Deal of the Day Price: $39.99
Measure the velocity of just about any ball or puck you can throw, shoot, kick or hit with the highly accurate Sport Radar. No need to hold the radar. You can use it solo. The Sport Radar sits on the ground or a bench and keeps track of top speed, per session and all-time. Perfect for use behind goals, nets, and rebounders. SKLZ Sport Radar: Same technology used by the pros Perfect for baseball, softball, soccer, football, tennis, lacrosse, and hockey Large, easy-to-read LED display Displays in mph or km/h Durable, portable casing for indoor and outdoor use Clocks speed between 15-150 mph Battery operated (Four C batteries not included)