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The Art of Lax Long Pole Long Pole

Long Pole - The Art of Lax

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The Art of Lax Patient Persistent Proficient Patient Persistent Proficient

Patient Persistent Proficient - The Art of Lax

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The Art of Lax Crank Crank

Crank - The Art of Lax

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The Art of Lax The Stare Down The Stare Down

The Stare Down - The Art of Lax

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The Art of Lax Sticks Up Sticks Up

Crank - The Art of Lax

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Lacrosse The Ancient Game Soft Cover Lacrosse The Ancient Game Soft Cover

Lacrosse the Ancient Game Soft Cover

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Women Play Lacrosse - Hard Cover Women Play Lacrosse - Hard Cover

Woman Play Lacrosse Hard Cover Book

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Yeardley Love Yeardley Love

Dear Tommy,

I love the painting you did of Yeardley and her team, It is incredible how you captured her likeness but also her spirit. They have a very special place in my home and my heart and not a day goes by that I don’t pause and look at them. I can never thank you enough I look at your paintings every day as they are the focal point of my kitchen/family room where we spend most of our time. The paintings are not only a wonderful reminder of my precious daughter Yeardley, but also of your kindness and generosity.

Sharon Love

Kyle Harrison Kyle Harrison

Tommy has a unique ability to capture exactly what this sport is all about in his paintings. This painting is special to me as he was able to portray what I was feeling as a player at that specific time. We were heading into overtime in the final four my senior year with everything on the line, and I was experiencing every emotion possible as I yelled at the crowd. With the combination of colors and attention to detail, Tommy was able to portray not only the passion that I had at this moment, but the passion that every lacrosse player has for this sport.

Kyle Harrison 2005 Tewaaraton Award Winner.

Bruce Buffer Bruce Buffer

Wow! Awesome painting Tommy! What can I say? I am looking at this and am blown away. I am sincerely appreciative.

Bruce Buffer Buffer Enterprises UFC Announcer

Scott Witkin Scott Witkin

Tommy Johnson was able to breathe life into one of my favorite memories. He captured the essence of the moment through his unique style and approach to his work. Every morning my kids wake up, stare at the painting which graces our bedroom wall and say, That’s my Daddy! He plays lacrosse! I can’t thank Tommy enough for his vision and ability that he graciously shares with the world.

Scott Witkin UCSB 97, NCAA D1 Coach.

Christine Christine

I adore this painting. It truly captures the power and grace of my horse and the bond I have with him. Thank you for the best Christmas present ever.


Mark Burnam Mark Burnam

Tommy did a painting for me after the 06 World Games that I have named, THE CIRCLE OF LIFE A TRADITION. I was going to give my wooden stick to my children as I have done after the past 4 world games, when he asked if he could buy it, I told him no, but I could give it to him. He stood there and looked at me like I was crazy. I explained that it wasn’t for sale but it was A Tradition to give it to my kids so they could give it to there kids and so on. I told Tommy that we had been given a great gift from the Creator when he gave us the Great Game of Lacrosse now A Tradition. That stick will now be with his family and maybe it can be part of his own family’s story. How it came about, thus A Tradition. Alfie Jacques of the Onondaga Nation built that stick from the earth with his hands something he learned from his father, A Tradition. Just as the Traditions before him were all formed he now has created this beautiful painting. Funny how things all work isn’t it? The stick is still going to be with one of my kids when I give them that painting. It’s the one I am carrying in the picture he painted. Tommy, you don’t know it yet, but you are now connected to my family forever and you are now part of THE CIRCLE OF LIFE A TRADITION.

Mark Burnam NYS Champion DIV I NCAA Champion 3X MILL WORLD Champion 5X World Team Member Team Captain Iroquois Nationals

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fellowship of Christian Athletes

I have known Tommy Johnson since I coached him in lacrosse during his high school years at Calvert Hall. He has gone on to become an incredibly accomplished artist, having created two of my favorite pieces of sports/lacrosse art that I own. First, he captured a scene from my playing days at Cornell that I cherish, but of even greater value is "The Power of Prayer" print that Tommy created in the 1990's that has become a symbol of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Lacrosse. Tommy's artistic gift allowed a picture of our first FCA Lacrosse Team bowed in prayer after an amazing double overtime victory in the 1992 Vail Lacrosse Shoot-out to come to life in a powerful way. The power of the print lives on today in the lure, hearts, and homes of many connected to the FCA Lacrosse family.

Frank Kelly III, CHC, Cornell, FCA

Tewaaraton Tewaaraton

The Foundation was very honored when Tommy Johnson offered to paint the Tewaaraton Trophy and we have been lucky enough to have the original painting on display for the past couple of years. We are now embarking on our 10th Anniversary and look forward to continuing our relationship with Tommy. After a few years Tommy decided that the painting is right where it belongs and will stay forever.

Elizabeth Terry Tewaaraton Award Foundation

Doug Appleton Doug Appleton

Tommy created a beautiful painting based on a 30 year old picture of me playing lacrosse in high school. He perfectly captured the moment and added the usual flair he is well known for. I proudly hang the picture in my living room where I re-live the glory days over and over.

Doug Appleton General Manager, Lacrosse Easton-Bell Sports