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Lacrosse Starter Sets

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Lacrosse is a rewarding sport for players of all ages, sizes, and experience levels. Whether you're just getting started or you're getting back into the swing of the sport, you have come to the right place. Lacrosse Ball Store has earned a reputation for competitive prices and quality products that don't cut corners. Our selection of lacrosse starter sets is the perfect place to start your new and exciting adventure in lacrosse. We proudly supply apparel, mouthguards, padding, and other essentials. Explore our inventory today to find all the lacrosse supplies and accessories you need.

Comfort and safety should be the top priorities of every lacrosse coach and player, but everyone who's played the game knows just how physical it can get on the field. Ditch the large, clunky guards you've come to expect. Lacrosse mouthguards allow players to easily talk, breathe, and stay hydrated during the game. SISU mouthguards are roughly half the thickness of conventional guards and provide a comfortable, custom fit that can be remolded over time. No matter how hard you hit or get hit, the non-compressible thermoplastic design of your SISU guard will be there to protect you. We offer a broad variety of bright colors and sizes to choose from. We offer lax starter sets for adults and juniors.

Shopping for lacrosse starter sets online can be a bit daunting. Luckily, we make it easy to find the products you need and want at an affordable price. Experience the latest in compression protection by choosing one of Schutt's ProTech shirts. ProTech shirts utilize an advanced cushioning system to absorb impact to the ribs, back, and shoulder joints, so you can step onto the lacrosse field with complete peace of mind. CHAMPRO's pad sets are perfect for youth players that want a little extra protection, but they will also set the worried minds of parents at ease. Do you have any questions? Talk to a pro! One of our experienced representatives will be more than happy to help you hand-select one of the lax starter sets we supply. Please feel free to call (732) 431-2255 for additional information or further assistance.