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StringKing Lacrosse Complete Sticks,Heads,Mesh,Shafts and Accessories

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StringKing Mark2D Unstrung StringKing Mark 2D Unstrung
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StringKing Metal 2 W Womens Lacrosse Shaft StringKing Metal 2 W Womens Lacrosse Shaft
Sale Price: $79.99
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In one of the most surprising stories to hit the lacrosse scene, cousins Luke Aronson and Jake McCampbell of Medfield, Massachusetts decided to redesign the classic mesh pocket back in 2011. Today, this household name is an official partner of Major League Lacrosse and the National Lacrosse League. Although lacrosse players are no strangers to StringKing's signature, high-performance mesh by now, the brand's lineup of lacrosse products continues to grow with products tailored to the needs of both men and women – heads, shafts, sticks, string, and so much more. Plus, select products qualify for free shipping. No matter what level, we have all your needs covered here at Lacrosse Ball Store.

Play confidently with a shaft that can keep up with your game. StringKing's metal and carbon fiber lacrosse shafts provide unmatched performance in an ultra-light and durable package. Metal shafts are made with a high-grade aluminum alloy comprised of scandium, titanium, and zinc to ensure that they're as slight, stiff, and strong as possible. While other composite lacrosse shafts use filler materials to reduce costs, StringKing lacrosse shafts utilize double-taper technology to ensure that material is only used where it is needed, resulting in a lighter, stronger shaft that gives you quicker hands and faster shots without sacrificing strength. With a custom soft-touch finish, both types of StringKing lax shafts remain comfortable and grippy in all conditions.

Lacrosse equipment can be a pretty personal choice. As StringKing continues to push the envelope of what's possible on the field, we will continue to expand our collection to include any game-changing products as they become available. Across all lacrosse positions, StringKing lacrosse shafts represent the finest quality when it comes to youth, high school, and college lacrosse equipment. Inspire confidence in yourself as a player and fulfill any need by shopping from the StringKing lax collection today. If you have any questions or would like help finding a specific product, please (732) 431-2255 or complete our online form for additional information or further assistance.