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Team Stores

Wouldn't it be nice to have a curated collection of products for your players and their parents? Now, you can turn that vision a reality by creating your own team store and selecting the items you would like to sell. Lacrosse Ball Store is the top destination when it comes to the highest quality equipment and accessories. We offer a wide variety of backpacks, hats, hoodies, jackets, pants, shirts, shorts, socks, and tanks to choose from, as well as all types of swag to give your players the competitive edge. Best of all, you get to select the items you would like to sell and prices are set by your organization.

With your own team store, the possibilities are limitless. All team stores remain open for a limited period of time that is set by your organization, so you can focus the delivery of products on or around the beginning of each season. We do all of the site setup and maintenance. We collect all payments and applicable sales tax. If any proceeds exceed the prearranged cost of your store items, those proceeds will be remitted to your organization upon completion of the sale. We also handle all customization requests. In addition to stylish lacrosse uniforms and swag, we carry branded headbands, magnets, and other supplies that can help you and your players show off the level of team pride.

All items will be delivered to the team coordinator, who will distribute any purchases to the players. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for all screen-printed and embroidered items or 6 – 8 weeks for sublimated items. Once the team store has closed, we do not provide refunds on any items. Any changes your players might make must be requested prior to the store's scheduled closing date. Once in production, all orders are final. If you have any questions about creating a store please don't hesitate to contact our team sales department for more information or further assistance. Call (732) 431-2255 to get started on your own store today.