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Lacrosse Power Shafts
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The Power Shaft Lacrosse Training Shaft Heavy The Power Shaft Heavy
Retail Price: $99.95
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The Power Shaft Lacrosse Training Shaft The Power Shaft Light
Retail Price: $89.95
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Lacrosse seasons come and go, but players can always find ways to perfect their techniques in the backyard or on the practice field. At Lacrosse Ball Store, we proudly offer the one and only lacrosse Power Shaft training tool for both male and female athletes at all levels of play. The Power Shaft was developed by long-time lacrosse coach Tom Rotanz, who sought to build better lacrosse talent with more effective training tools. We carry all the position-related lengths you could possibly need to prepare your players for the season ahead and make the most of every moment when they are off the field. Best of all, we offer free shipping on select items. Explore our selection today to find what you need!

We carry all solid-weighted lacrosse Power Shaft lengths and weights, so you can find the best solution for any position or training need. 30-inch shafts are ideal for attack, midfield, goalie, and face-off positions. 40-inch shafts are specifically designed with goalies in mind. 60-inch shafts are ideal for defensemen at the high school or college level. This revolutionary lacrosse training shaft provides a wealth of benefits for every player on the field. Offensive players can benefit from increased shot speed and quicker feeds. Defensemen can add some pep to their checks and be able to dominate the fourth quarter. Goalies can develop cat-like reflexes and benefit from incredible pre-game warm-ups. Light shafts are perfect for young players, eighth grade and under.

Power Shaft is compatible with all lacrosse heads made by the best brands in the sport, such as DeBeer, Maverick, STX, Warrior, and more. This groundbreaking shaft will develop and build strength in the muscles specifically needed to be a lacrosse player. Inspire your players to elevate their game and make the smartest investment for your team by choosing the lacrosse Power Shaft training tool today. If you have any questions or concerns about this product, please contact us by calling (732) 431-2255 for additional information or further assistance.